Tuesday, 25 October 2016

What Are The New Trends In Mobile Application Development?

In the mobile industry, developers can't really rely on ancient development tools and techniques. Same is the case when it comes to UI and UX design for App and Mobile app development plans and strategies. Adapting latest trends and the role of creativity is much necessary in the corporate culture and you just can't stay behind. The mobile industry undergoes quick changes due to new gadgets, development technologies and various other trends. We list you down some popular development trends in the year 2016
  • Hybrid HTML5 Apps
Though most of the developers choose native apps, HTML 5 has managed to garner attention since quite a while and has been tremendous in its elegance and performance pertaining to app development. Without doubt, the app development through Hybrid HTML 5 can get better pace in the smartphone industry and shows no sign of getting outdated anytime soon. The hybrid HTML 5 2016 mobile apps have seen success in enterprise as well as consumer mobile app development. Latest android developers and latest iOS developers must deem hybrid HTML 5 as an important option for app development since many enterprises are going to get inclined towards this in the days to come. Surprisingly, there is no other app development platform contending with this one at this moment and hence, it is a radical option to go with this one right away. Ionic framework is one among the emerging frame works used for building apps and it is new in the domain. It is getting more attention from many mobile developers.
However, the choice is yours if you want to stay on the native app development platform or go with this one.
  • App development on Cross Platform
Sales of tablets were on the high some time ago and now people are getting away for other forms. But the tablets have still retained their popularity in the enterprise level and also in a few industries. For instance, mobile workers make use of tablets to get in touch with their clients, customers and business related people. Utility engineers, emergency res-ponders and technicians are benefited from the tablets owing to their portability, performance and mobility. App developers must hence work on solutions for cross platforms so that mobile workers are able to easily move from desktops to mobile phones. People would need to use the same application with same performance, capabilities and features on various devices and various platforms. Hence, the cross platform development of apps is going to rule the app industry this year.
  • Wearable devices
It is not a surprise that wearable devices have turned into an interval portion of our day to day lives. Fitness devices, smart watches and a lot of other wearable devices which connect with smart phones, the VR devices which are getting amazing popularity worldwide since last two months are the leading wearable devices. These devices need better apps for better performance and user interface. People are adapting wearable devices and the rate of sales of these devices is more than what was predicted some time ago. The greatest benefit the app developers have is that these devices have got enough room for betterment and the trend isn't going to subside any time soon. People who own these devices would want apps in their smart phones which support them well.
  • Visualization of big data
The Internet of Things has finally arrived and is certainly the future for many enterprises. The creates challenge these enterprises would face is the management of data since IoT would connect millions and millions of mobile devices together. The Enterprises must find a way for managing the data as well as tools for visualizing it and also the solutions for dealing with bigger data set. Every connected devices will be sending data which would go pointless if not properly organized. Other than this, enterprises must also look for a way for solving performance issues for the platforms to process everything quickly without falling for a bottleneck issue. The quick decision taking abilities are required whenever tactical decisions are taken
  • Lesser platforms
There are too many apps and too many platforms which lets users conduct same task for solving a same problem. But people choose apps which has got many features useful for them. They wish to view everything at a single place and it is a totally justifiable demand. People eventually would need a software that takes care of all. To put it simply, number of platforms and apps are about to decrease drastically in the Years to come and the quality is going to be improvised. This will be a tough challenge for app developers since they would have to focus on many problems simultaneously so that they survive in the app development industry.

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